Fiddle Teacher Memories Links

August 9, 2022.    This file accompanies “fiddle_teacher_memories.pdf”

Sam Gobble Recordings:

Both the recordings of Sam Gobble below were recorded live at a music session held in an old store in Chilhowee, Virginia.  The other musicians were friends of Sam’s who came for this session.  I had my fiddle and was sitting beside Sam.  I played the parts of the songs I knew and was the only fiddler there other than Sam. The music was wonderful from the start.  However, I noticed it got even better when a woman came in with a double base.  You can hear that instrument on these recordings:

                                 Arkansas Traveler – Sam Gobble

                                Whisky Before Breakfast – Sam Gobble

Joy Patton Recordings

I have many hours of my classes with Joy, both banjo classes and fiddle classes.  Here are two samples:

                                  Angeline the Baker - Banjo, Joy Patton

                                  Arkansas Traveller - Fiddle, Joy Patton

Kathleen Collins Recording

                                  Poem and fiddle Tunes - from Youtube - Kathleen Collins

                                   Youtube – Kathleen Collins
                                   Poem, Slow Air and Reels: The Fiddler of Dooney/

                                   The Wind Among The Reeds/Tybee Island/Paddy Fahey's

Miscelaneous other :

                                   God is With Us - Gil Brasswell - from a Barter theater Christmas show

                                   Rake and a Rambling Man - Don Williams