Church Lake Baya Gathering - October 21, 2018


Emery Baya,      Harry Baya,     Rosalie Baya,       Madge Baya,       George Glover
                                   Five First Cousins -- October 21, 2018


      Where the dock used to be.  

Back Yard

Ryan Baya, Emery's son- cooking oysters - appetizers before Cuban Sandwiches   Celia, Age 7, Ryan & Abby's daughter - Dual's wife, Linda in purple, Mary Ann's daughter, Hellen, on right.
Sadie, Age 3, Ryan & Abby's daughter, Phyllis Haile, dog to be named later   Harry Baya & Pat Torres
George Glover & Harry Baya   Harry & Sadie - Emery's friend Dual, Emery's partner from Mobile, Angell
Mary Ann Kearny (Emery & Rosalie's cousin), Rosalie Baya, Rosalie's partner Gene Murphy, Ryan's wife, Abby, in kitchen   Sadie & Susan Ferrante (Madge's wife)
Front of Ryan's house   Front Left of Ryan's house
Boat & Lizard   Harry in Madge's house ( pool through window)
Ybor City, Tampa