Index of Harry’s Memories     
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Index of Harry’s Memories     
This collection of memories is in the form of a website consisting of a group of HTML files..  This “Index of Harry’s Memories” is the first file in the group. The other files consist of a set of numbered chapters and a collection of related essays.  A brief description of the contents of each chapter & essay is given in the list below.  Readers may view any chapter by clicking on the chapter title.


Chapter 1 : Introduction to Harry Baya’s Memories

Temporary links to Family History Sites - Baya & White (Apri 2023)

Chapter 2: Early Years
A brief summary of my life from birth up till we moved to England in 1950

Chapter 3: England    
Summer of 1950 to summer of 1952,  From Fairlington, Virginia through time in England, includes sections on pets, bicycles and learning French

Chapter 4: Carlisle
Carlisle, Pennsylvania, summer of 1952 to summer of 1953, 8th grade

Chapter 5: Monterey
Monterey, California, from summer of 1953 to early 1954 (first semester of 9th Grade)

Chapter 6: Caracas:
Caracas, Venezuela – early 1954 to summer of 1957, through my senior year of high school.

Chapter 7: M.I.T 1957         
Academic year 1957-1958, My freshman year at M.I.T.
Hell Week    Memories of Fraternity Hell Week, February 1958

Chapter 8: MIT  1958 – 1963
Experience at MIT from sophomore year through second year of graduate school.

Chapter 9: Summer Jobs 1961 and 1962
1961 Summer job working for Deering Milliken Textile Mill in
1962 Summer job, Research project studying NASA work at Greenbelt Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.

Chapter 10: Army, Europe, Marriage,   -
Summer of 1963 through fall of 1965. This covers my time in the U.S. Army, getting married to Bonnie in 1964, and travelling around Europe in a VW camping bus in 1965.

Chapter 11: Tampa and Florida
This contains memories from birth thru 2019 related to Tampa and Florida.  These memories overlap time periods covered in other chapters.

Chapter 12: Church Lake              
Church Lake was the location of the cabin on the lake near Tampa from which I have so many wonderful memories

Chapter 13:  Columbus, Indiana –
Fall of 1965 through spring of 1970, My first job,  Matthew’s birth, A happy time

Chapter 14:  New York – pre divorce
Spring of 1970 through 1977, Hastings-on-Hudson, Brownson & Associates, Comshare, Merrill Lynch

Chapter 15:  New York – from divorce to starting work at Hofstra –
1978 till February 1994.  Ex Machina, Working at home for 12 years,  Pascal Programming,  Fred Putney

Chapter 16: Hofstra -  1994-2004  - 
Ten Good years !

Chapter 17: Abingdon
Abingdon, Virginia – Over the years prior to 2004

Chapter 18: Virginia – 2004 through present (May 2020)
Elaine, Emory & Henry, 2nd divorce, Phyllis Haile  - hard times and good times

Chapter 19: Mother - Madge White Baya (Nee Madge Greenway White)
Memories of my Mother

Chapter 20:  The End

Reflections on Covid, possible death, and looking back [ hopefully to be re-written periodically ]

Other Memories: Essays & Lists and Other

Other 1: List - Age Chart for School Years
A chart showing my age and the calendar year of each grade in grade school and each year in college and graduate school.

Other 2: MIT Transcript, Courses & Grades, 1957 to 1963

Other 3:-  Hell Week
Memories of Fraternity Hell Week, February 1958

Other 4: My Father’s Career    
Brief summary of my father’s career including assignments

 Other_4B: Boat Trip to Bahamas - G.E.Baya, his brother, Harry Baya, and wives
Written by George Emery Baya, October - November, 1974, [ you may have to rotate after opening ]

Other 5: Harry’s Army Service          
A letter I sent to my grandson, Marshall, when he was writing a school assignment about a veteran (me) he knew.

Other Pending  - 6:Computers,  7:Music & Pinewoods Programming    California_2021

Other  8: Coming of Age           
Some reflections on transitions I can recall

Other 9: Spirituality
Religion - Some history and some reflections

Other 10: Sports –
Some memories of the different sports I played.

Other 11: Fiddle Teacher Memories

Other 12: Fiddle Teacher Memories links

Other 13: Albert Hash

Other 14: Shamu - The Killer Whale


List 1:-Places Lived    
A list of places I have lived since birth

List 2:- Communities        
A list of various communities I have belong to – friends, associates, families etc.

List 3: - Journeys, Trips                 
A list of trips and some discussion.