Traditional Song Week - Swannanoa Gathering - 2018

  Some Collected Music  
In July of 2018 Phyllis and I attended the "Traditional Song Week" of the "Swannanoa Gathering" held on the campus of Warren Willson college near Asheville, N.C. Most of the music below was recorded during that week. logo  


Seq Title Artist length Comment
1 Summertime Phyllis Haile 2:43

Phyllis sang this at the student "Showcase" on the last night of the camp. She recruited a great guitarist and a great fiddler to back her up. It was the highlight of the for week both of us.

2 Cherry Tree Carol staff 4:11 One of the performers sang this version of the Cherry Tree Carol during a tribute to Jean Ritchie. I believe Jean had brought this version from her native Kentucky.
3 Will The Circle be Unbroken student 5:02 A very talented young man sang his version of "Will the Circle Be Unbroken", accompanying himself on guitar. I am hoping to get a good recording of him performing this song.
4 Cluck Old Hen staff 1:59  
5 Death Come a'knockin student 4:16 Recorded at a late night song circle
6 Lay Down my dear Brothers student 4:10 I had learned this song years ago from Joe Newberry. Joe was on the staff during Swannanoah week and I was trying to remember the song I had learned from him. A student sang it and triggered my memory.
7 Lay Down my dear Brothers Grateful Dead 4:00 While looking for a better recording of this song for my radio show I found, and liked, this version by the Grateful Dead
8 Teach Me to Dance student 4:12 Recorded at the student show-case concert
9 The Girl in the Red Velvet Dress Lynn Hardy 4:07 The above song reminded me of this song which I had learned from Lynn Hardy (then Lynn Ungar) years ago. I tracked it down and am including it here.
10 A Scottish Fiddle Tune staff 1:36 I like this somewhat odd fiddle tune
11 Three Ways Harmony Class 6:34 Phyllis and I took a class in "Duette Hamony Singing". There were 5 pairs of singers in the group. During the student "Showcase" on Friday night, our class performed this number. Each pair did one verse or chorus with one singing the melody and the other harmonizing. We started with all of us singing the chorus. Phyllis and I then sang the first verse.
12 Lord I want more Religion Harry Baya 1.29 I sang this during the "Community Singing" class
13 Burying Ground - Round Harry Baya 2:43 During the "Community Singing" class I taught this round, one of my favorites.
14 The Chickens are into the Tomatoes - teaching Harry Baya 2:12 This records me teaching this round during a late night singing circle. The group had, oddly, gotten in to sing songs about "Chickens" and I felt this would fit in well.
15 The Chickens are into the Tomatoes - group sing Harry Baya 2:27 This records the group singing the round after they had learned it. It went over well and several people got over and danced while we sang.
16 Somewhere Listening Bill Anderson 3:31 I heard ths song in a late night singing circle and rememberd how much I liked it. I found this commercial version

There is a Balm in Gilead

Deborah Liv Johnson 3:16 I also heard this song in the circle and got this commercial version. I had originally learned this song from Jim Kee my freshman year in college.
18 Over the Waterfall Frankie Lane 3:06 This popular fiddle tune has no connection to the Swannanoah week, but I just found it last week and felt it belonged here.
19 Inez and the Snake Handlers Sheila Kay Adams 15.49 Sheila Kay Adams is singer, instrumentalist, story teller and one of my favorite people on this planet. She was on the staff of the "Traditional Song Week". This story was recorded about 25 years ago at a performance held during the Folk Music Week at the CDSS Pinewoods Camp in Plymouth, Ma.
20 Banjo Piece Sheila Kay Adams 2:14 This is a recording of Sheila playing a banjo piece during a class I was in at the TradMad week at Pinewoods camp in 2015.