Truth, Faith, Benevolence

Posted July 25th, 2005 by Harry Baya

In a recent dialog with a friend, Rick Randall, I have found myself trying to state clearly some perspectives that have become important to me over the last 30 years or so in relation to truth, faith, and the possible benevolence of the universe. In particular I want to write up the “truth path” I see myself as following. I got it from a talk by Buckminster Fuller and it is important to me. I also want to state as clearly as I can what aspects of traditional religion (with ministers, belief in heaven and hell, God, prayers etc. ) most bother me, and most attract me. Along the way I also want to comment on my view of “higher powers” andto describe Matt Scanlan’s perspective on making a good story out of the facts of our lives. I’m putting this entry here now to remind me that I want to do these things.

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