The Big Question !

Posted August 14th, 2005 by Harry Baya

For me the absolute big question is “why, or how, does anything exist at all”. Once something exists it can evolve. My best guess is that our universe evolved from something like a big bang… though it may be cyclical… but how did it ever start? I assume that an answer to that is beyond human understanding.

One way to get a handle on this question is to consider these possibilities:
– that nothing exists,
– that there is no such thing as time, space and matter, –
– that our reality, our universe, does not exist.
– that there could be such a thing as pure consciousness independent from any reality but that there would be nothing for it to be aware of.

Given the empty possibility implied by those statements, how is it that, from our perspective, those statements are clearly false?

One Response to “The Big Question !”

  1. Paco Malo

    In the film “Annie Hall”. A;vie Singer, at age 7, goes into a depression that warrnats his 40’s parents sending him to see a psychiatrist.” Turned out the problem Alvie was stuck on was, if the universe is expanding, then what’s the point of existing with annihilation from “blowing apart” immenent.